Home Functions
  1. Provide, manage, operate, maintain & improve the municipal infrastructure and services including:
    • Storm water drainage.
    • Street lights.
    • Parks, playgrounds, open spaces and arboriculture.
  2. Take measures to promote public health and sanitation, including education in health.
  3. Adopt measures and implement schemes for the prevention and control of infectious disease.
  4. Monitor primary education and related facilities and report any violations, failures, omissions in provision thereof by the authority concerned to the Government.
  5. Plant trees on public streets and other public places within local area and take steps for the protection of trees on such streets and places.
  6. Layout, maintain and administer, public gardens, necessary for recreation and convenience of the public, either on their own or through Public Private Partnership or adoption by neighborhood associations and reputed national or multi-national corporations.
  7. Prepare and implement Garden Development Plan, for the development and improvements of the garden.
  8. Provide and maintain open spaces. The spaces shall be grasses, hedged, planted and equipped with amenities as per the bye-laws.
  9. In accordance with bye-laws, provide seizure, detention, and impounding of animals found straying in any street, public place or cultivate land.
  10. In accordance with bye laws, establish and maintain cattle pounds for the impounding of cattle and charge fines and fees.
  11. In accordance with bye-laws define animals which deemed to be dangerous and the circumstances under-which animals not otherwise dangerous could be deemed dangerous.
  12. Establish and maintain information centers for the furtherance of civic education and disseminations of information on matters of public interest.
  13. Provide and maintain public halls & community centers.
  14. Adopt measures to promote cultural values, mutual tolerance and interfaith harmony.
  15. Adopt measures to promote cultural values, mutual tolerance and interfaith harmony.
  16. Establish and maintain public libraries, reading rooms and digital libraries.
  17. Organize and support recreational events, fairs, shows or public festivals within the local area.
  18. Prepare and implement development schemes.
  19. Promote, administer, execute and implement schemes for undertaking any commercial or business enterprise.
  20. Sponsor or promote community development projects for local areas.
  21. Maintain municipal records and archives.

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